Sizing guide

It is not always easy to figure out the size of different diamonds. To help you, we have created this size guide.

find out your ring size

To find out your ring size, we suggest you use our ring sizer.

Order a ring sizer

Once you've received it, here are a few tips to help you 
get the right size

Step 1

Make a loop with the ring sizer

Step 2

Put your finger in the sizer and adjust it like a belt

Step 3

Read your size with the magnifier

you want to surprise her ?

Follow these steps to find out your partners ring size:

Step 1

Choose a ring that belongs to your partner.


Step 2

Place the ring on the circles shown below:

Print out the document

Step 3

Select the proper ring size.
For bandeau rings, we recommend choosing an extra size up.

Step 4

If you are hesitant between two sizes, take the larger one.
Don't worry, we offer you the first sizing if the finger size is not correct (for a classic sizing, up to plus or minus two finger sizes).

Print out the document

Below is a conversion table for metric sizes by country:

44F3414 mm
45F 123 144 1214,3 mm
46G 123 34614,6 mm
47H4715 mm
48I4 12815,3 mm
49I 124 34915,6 mm
50J 125 141015,9 mm
51K5 121116,2 mm
52L61216,6 mm
53M6 121316,9 mm
54M 126 341417,2 mm
55N 127 141517,5 mm
56O7 121617,8 mm
57P81718,1 mm
58P 128 141818,5 mm
59Q 128 341918,8 mm
60R92019,1 mm
61S9 122119,4 mm
62S 129 342219,8 mm
63T 1210 142320,1 mm
64U10 122420,4 mm
65V112520,7 mm
66V 1211 142621 mm
67W 1211 342721,3 mm
68X122821,6 mm
69Y12 122922 mm
70Z133022,3 mm
71Z 1213 143122,6 mm

If, after all these tips, you are still unable to determine your exact ring size,
we will be delighted to offer you a sizing service in our shop.


Extra Small14cm

our pendants sizes

The standard length of our timeless necklaces is 40 cm when closed at the first hoop and 42 cm at the hoop at the end of the chain.

Our necklaces are all the same size, but it is possible to request a custom made chain if you wish to wear it at a different length.


Our timeless centre stone earrings are available in all sizes from 0.10 carats. As with our rings, the proportions of your jewellery are always adapted to your centre stone for a harmonious result.

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