Redesign Your Jewelry

As we have a strong commitment to intergenerational transmission and a concern for the environment
we can give a new life to your old jewelry by transforming it, and recycling your gold and
precious stones.

Whether your jewelry is old, damaged or out of fashion, it is never lost. It is always possible to modernize your jewel, using its main raw materials. Jewelry transformation is ethical, economical and, above all, sentimental, as it enables you to wear your jewels throughout the years and even to pass them down to the future generations

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how do we proceed to redesign an old jewel ?

The transformation of a jewel consists in taking it apart in order to restore the precious materials and recreate a brand new design. The new jewel will be redesigned by Valerie Danenberg herself and manufactured in our Parisian workshop.

The objective of a “jewel revival” (or transformation) is to “co create“ a new modernized design by using your gold and precious stones. The old materials will be recycled and reused in order to give a second life to your jewels.

The designer will examine your jewels and offer a new design hence preserving its spirit and history. It will be created by reviving either your colored stones or diamonds.

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why should you choose to transform your jewels ?

Jewelry transformation can be a good idea if you want to preserve certain parts of your jewelry, while modifying its design.
Furthermore, transforming an old or broken piece of jewelry can enhance its value. The old mine diamonds and colored gems car also be polished or recut if necessary by our expert lapidary so the can de revived to their original luster. Recycling your stones and gold is a cost-effective way of obtaining a new piece of jewelry. Therefore by transforming an old jewel, you save the purchase of a new stone in addition, if your gold is of good quality and can be recycled, we deduct it from the price.

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the sentimental aspect involved in the transformation of your jewel

A jewel is often a vector of past feelings and emotions as it may have been gifted on a special occasion such as an inheritance, proposal, birth or birthday. It will bear with you all along your life and carry on with the future generations.

If you own any antique jewels such as your mother's ring, your grandmother's brooch, a signet ring, a family medallion... come over to our shop or plan a virtual meeting with Valerie Danenberg our expert gemologist and jewelry designer, who will be happy to work on your custom made jewelry transformation project. To do so, we recommend you book an appointment directly on our website, and describe your project as precisely as possible.


Giving your jewel a second life by recycling its precious materials is a perfect way to help protect our environment by reducing the extraction of raw materials. Valerie Danenberg is committed to the production of ethical recycled jewels. The extraction of gold and precious stones are polluting and may be ethically debatable hence the transformation of your old jewels is a good way to please yourself while being eco responsible !


Valérie Danenberg as an expert gemologist, will offer an expertise for your old and antique jewels, precious stones, gold as well as her advice as to their transformation. The designer will also guide you through the various design options available with the raw materials in your possession, so you can create a new piece of jewelry that will suit you perfectly.



If you wish to have your jewels transformed by Valerie Danenberg there are two possibilities.

You can either choose to select one of our existing designs among our website catalog, that may be adapted to your stones. In this case we will reuse your gold and precious stones and recycle them to recreate your new custom made jewel. You may also choose to make some small modifications.

Or you may wish to create a custom made jewel imagined and designed by the designer herself, who will guide you throughout this project.

If you choose a custom made jewel please find below the different steps :

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Step 1: Choice of the design

Bague 3D

Step 2: We will submit a 3D design followed by your approval.

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Step 3: The fitting on of your wax ring
on which we will place the center stone to check that the design
perfectly fulfills your expectations

Atelier danenberg

Step 4: We will proceed to the manufacture of your ring in
our workshop that will take us 6 to 8 weeks to complete

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Step 5 : Your ring is ready

Handmade, just for you

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