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Celebrate your love with a unique jewel signed Valérie Danenberg. All our jewels may be customized according to your wishes and are hand made by our expert craftsmen. Discover our selection of wedding gifts.

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  • boucles d'oreille or et diamantboucles d'oreilles or et diamant

    Isaure Diadem Earrings

    From 1 490 
  • boucles d'oreilles or jaune diamant

    Roxane tassel Earrings

    From 5 410 
  • Boucles d'oreilles femme or blanc diamant

    Guillemette Earrings

    From 2 290 
  • Clarence Boucles d'oreilles Femme Losange Diamant Or

    Clarence diamond shape Earrings

    From 4 990 
  • Bague bandeau diamant or rose et blancBague bandeau diamant or rose et blanc

    Isaure triple row Ring

    From 4 590 
  • bague bandeau or jaune diamant

    Mathis - large size Ring

    From 5 590 
  • bague bandeau diamant or blancbague bandeau diamant or blanc

    Mathis milgrain border Ring

    From 4 990 
  • Bague joaillerie triple anneaux diamant or jaune et or roséBague triple anneaux diamant or jaune et or rosé

    Mini Isaure triple row Ring

    From 3 400 
  • Bague femme or jaune diamantsBague femme or jaune diamants

    Mini Rebecca Ring

    From 2 490 
  • Bague Femme Or blancBague Bandeau or blanc

    Rebecca Ring - Small Size

    From 4 990 
  • boucles d'oreilles or et diamant

    Palmire Earrings

    From 1 890 
  • Bracelet femme or et diamants

    Armance bracelet

    From 850 
  • Bracelet or blanc

    Domitille Bangle

    From 5 350 
  • Bracelet diamant et or blanc

    Mini Isaure criss crossed Bracelet

    From 2 950 
  • Bracelet tennis diamant et or blancBracelet tennis diamant et or jaune

    Tennis Bracelet

    From 6 750 
  • Necklace Gold and Diamonds

    Bacchante Necklace

    From 2 900 
  • collier or blanc diamants

    Clarence Necklace

    From 3 690 
  • Collier femme diamant et or blanc

    Flora pear shape Necklace

    From 4 590 
  • collier or jaune diamant

    Margaux Necklace

    From 1 550 
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  • The 4 reasons to choose Valérie Danenberg

    • Your custom made basket: we can custom make your ring’s basket, in order for your wedding band to fit perfectly with your engagement ring without any space between them.
    • Our gold alloy: we make our own gold alloy. Therefore, it is best to pre-select your wedding band before buying your engagement ring, to make sure the gold colors and designs match perfectly.
    • Our exceptional know-how: Valerie Danenberg values the French-style craftsmanship in the purest tradition, that has been handed down to her by the best jewelry artisans.
    • An eco-friendly approach: we recycle your gold, stones and vintage jewelry.
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