The upkeeping of your jewelry

We all love to wear beautiful shiny and sparkling jewelry. A valuable object they must be well-kept so that its beauty does not fade away. If you want your gems to shine as much as they did on the first day, you need to clean them regularly using the proper techniques. We give you all the tips you need to clean your jewels properly.

cleaning gold and platinum jewelry: everyday tips

Gold and platinum jewels with precious stones will last forever if you take good care of them. May they be in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum most jewels get dirty and dull when worn on a daily basis.

Alliance or blanc, or jaune et or rosé

1st tip: choose a good metal quality

If you choose rose gold select our alloy which contains less copper than other brands substituted by more pure gold hence its color will remain stable as opposed to too much copper that will oxidate over time. Unlike the rose gold alloy of other jewels, our alloy is perfectly designed for an optimal durability and requires very little maintenance.

If you choose platinum, which was the most used metal widely in the 1930s for its ability to remain gray and non-yellowing over time, you'll notice deep scratches that will appear with a daily use. Since the discovery of the palladium white gold alloy, platinum has become obsolete, because the alloy of palladium and white gold is harder, does not turn yellow over time and holds the stones better. It therefore has all the qualities required to last over time.

2nd tip : Nos ongly gold and platinum require an upkeeping

Diamonds and colored stones also need special care, as they can lose their brilliance due to soap and cream residues, pollution and dust present in our daily environment.
The frequent and thorough cleaning of your precious stones will allow your jewelry to remain as shinny as it was on the first day you purchased it.

Bague bandeau danenberg

3rd tip: avoid aggressive products

Some old recipes that involve cleaning jewelry with toothpaste are not recommended, as the toothpaste will get stuck in the gaps of the jewel, hence difficult to remove. Moreover it may also be abrasive, so this technique is not a good practice. Others will recommend to leave your jewel to soak in detergent or other products all night. The consequence is that your jewel will become clogged and will no longer shine. The best way to clean your jewelry is to use our "homemade" product, which is to be be sprayed directly on our special bamboo and silk brush, then brush inside and out, rinse well with clear water and dry with the soft cloth provided in the case.

entretenir ses bijoux

our jewelry maintenance set

For a day-to-day care of your jewelry, you can use our complete maintenance set which will enable you to clean your jewelry easily, wherever you may be.
Thanks to our cleverly designed maintenance set, you may carry it with you wherever you go. The jewelry set includes a special bamboo and silk brush, a cleaning product with a secret formula developed by Valérie herself, and a soft cloth to enhance the shine of your jewelry. The whole set is packaged in a beautiful box matching the jewelry cases used for our jewels.

Cleaning your jewelry: Caring for your stones

If you own jewelry with precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds, it is important to clean them regularly. In fact, to allow natural light to be refracted through your stones, it's advisable to clean them once a week.

bague bandeau danenberg

how to clean a diamond ?

Before attempting to clean your diamond, remember that every diamond is unique, and it is best to consult an expert gemologist for further advice if you have any specific questions. If you simply wish to revive the brilliance of your diamond at home, you can apply the same cleaning technique to all your jewelry by using the Valérie Danenberg maintenance set.

Bague de fiançailles Diamant Danenberg

how to clean a colored stone ?

All of our colored stones (except for emeralds) can be cleaned in the same way as diamonds. There is no special treatment to consider other than cleaning them regularly with our jewelry maintenance set to restore their natural brilliance.
For emeralds, you can simply clean them with a soft cloth but it's preferable not to use product on them. You now know how to clean your jewels to preserve their brilliance. If you have any questions or doubts, or simply fancy a new design, contact Valérie Danenberg, Jewelry Designer and Expert Gemologist : 01 42 60 19 59 by phone or book an appointment via our website.

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