Valerie Danenberg diamonds : How to find the perfect diamond ?

Our diamonds are carefully selected by Valérie Danenberg, expert gemmologist, with minimum G colour and SI clarity, with inclusions invisible to the naked eye.

GIA certificates
bague de fiançailles danenberg

They are all certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the best laboratory in the world. They are laser engraved on the edge with their certificate number. All of them come directly from the international diamond exchange and are purchased without intermediaries. Prices are subject to availability and fluctuations in diamond prices. In addition, they are Kimberley Process certified: they are mined under ethical conditions and do not contribute to fuelling conflicts around the world.


How to choose a diamond ?

Selecting a diamond can be tricky when you do not know which criterias to consider. To help you select the ideal diamond for your future design, we suggest basing your choice upon the "4Cs", or the characteristics that define a diamond's quality, which are :

  • CARAT The Carat is the international unit of measurement for diamonds. It corresponds to 0.32 grams for 1 carat. The weight of the diamond is one of the determining elements because its price increases according to its weight.
  • CLARITY The clarity of a diamond is determined by the nature, location and number of inclusions present in the stone. These inclusions are either tiny crystals (white) or carbon (black), which is the main chemical element in diamonds.
  • COLOUR The colour of a diamond is determined by the expert human eye, in relation to standards compared under specific laboratory conditions. It ranges from D (whitest) to Z (most tinted).
  • CUT The ideal cut of a diamond aims to optimise the refraction of light in its facets in order to obtain optimal brilliance. It is rated on 3 criteria (cut, polish and symmetry) from poor to excellent.

You can also download our explanatory sheet on the different qualities of diamonds.

Diamant et pierres de couleur

Champagne diamonds : An alternative to white diamonds

Champagne diamonds come in subtle shades of warm colors with more discreet reflections than white diamonds. They blend in perfectly with pink gold creating a dazzling tone-on-tone effect.

These diamonds are selected by Valérie in particular for their beautiful "pink champagne" color in VS (very small inclusions) clarity, but do not come with a laboratory certificate as champagne diamonds are not graded according to the "4Cs" like white diamonds.

Diamant champagne

We select the ideal stone for you

Valerie will guide you in the choice of the diamond that best suits your project and the model you have selected, while respecting your budget in order to achieve the creation you want.

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