Each woman becomes the heroine of her own novel
that I want to help write a chapter of.

«When designing a jewel I weave a story that will remain an unforgettable souvenir. I distill the precise moment of giving that leaves an indelible mark upon it and is remembered each time the jewel is worn. I want the jewel to be a token of love, sensual delight and luxury.

This collection was inspired by the Art-Déco, my favorite epoch inherited from my familly’s avocation as Antique Dealers. I draw the clean lines and pure style of my collections in my Haute Joaillerie Parisian ateliers. For example I paid a tribute to my birthplace, New York City, by designing a pair of earrings inspired by the Chrysler Building, an iconic figure of the time.

Turning the pages of this novel, I would like to invite you to discover this feminine, elegant and modern collection designed as a tribute to all women.»


Valérie Danenberg is a certified gemmologist and travels the world since two generations selecting the most beautiful stones. Diamonds are a family tradition and are always chosen carefully and delivered with GIA, HRD and LFG certificates.

Our royal Blue sapphires come from Ceylan and their color evokes French Royalty. We prefer intense cristal green Colombian and Brazilian emeralds with as few inclusions as possible. Finally, our pigeon blood rubies are sought in Burma or Thaïland.

Also specialized in recutting and adjusting caliber cut stones so that the setting is invisible and only the stones stand out in homogeneous circle wrapping around the diamond.